Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Elevation's creditors now can sue

by Luci Scott The Arizona Republic Jun. 12, 2010 12:00 AM

The Phoenix architectural company Aecom, formerly DMJM H+N, is owed $851,472 by developer Jeff Cline for architectural work on Elevation Chandler.

That is the largest unsecured claim in the list of creditors Cline filed with U.S. Bankruptcy Court when he sought Chapter 11 protection in April 2008.

Judge Sarah Curley dismissed the case last week.

The case's dismissal allows creditors to sue Cline.

When he filed, Cline said the creditor with the second-largest claim was another architectural firm, Gould Evans of Phoenix. He said he owed it $606,717, but Gould Evans claimed $704,270.

Other claims listed by Cline when he filed for bankruptcy protection included Spark Design of Tempe, an ad agency that created the name Elevation Chandler and its website, $125,000. Spark Design countered that it was owed a higher amount: $310,713. In total, Cline claimed $59.9 million in liabilities to creditors holding secured claims, including investors, and $1.7 million to creditors with unsecured, non-priority claims.

Elevation's creditors now can sue

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