Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scottsdale Airport Commission rejects apartment proposals

The Scottsdale Airport Commission rejected three Scottsdale Airpark apartment proposals this week, fearing that nearby residents would complain about aircraft noise and push for flight restrictions.

The commissioners recommended that the Scottsdale City Council reject all three apartment projects. Wednesday's vote was 4-2 on all the apartment proposals, which include a combined 1,565 units.

"Housing and an airport are the most incompatible land uses," Commissioner John Washington said.

Apartments is one sector of the housing market that is ramping up for development. Close to 3,500 apartment units have been proposed across the city.

The airpark projects are Zocallo Residential, with a plan of 240 units northeast of Scottsdale Road and Greenway-Hayden Loop; the Crackerjax site, for 720 units southeast of Paradise Lane and Scottsdale Road; and 605 units at the former car dealership next to Costco on Hayden Road.

Zoning attorney John Berry said residential units already have been approved in the Airpark at the Scottsdale Quarter.

Zocallo residents would have to sign a disclosure statement making them aware of the airport proximity and potential aircraft noise, he said.

The developer would add soundproofing to the units and agree to never convert the apartments to condominiums, Berry said, adding that apartment dwellers are far less likely to complain about aircraft noise than homeowners.

Commissioners Washington, Gunnar Buzzard, Michael Goode and Stephen Ziomek voted against the apartments, while Ken Casey and William Schuckert supported the plans. Commissioner William Bergdoll was absent.

The Scottsdale Planning Commission previously recommended approval of the projects. The City Council will have final say.

by Peter Corbett The Arizona Republic Oct. 10, 2011 02:34 PM

Scottsdale Airport Commission rejects apartment proposals

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